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Category: Treatments

11th May 2022

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles at Face Medical

Developing wrinkles is a common symptom of ageing skin.

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Face Medical - Live Your Best Life

4th March 2022

Live your best life

More and more people these days are conscious of their lifestyle and take steps to ensure they keep fit and healthy.

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Weight Loss - Diet, Exercise or Technology?

3rd February 2022

Weight loss – Diet, exercise or technology?

Many of us will resonate with the daily struggle of losing weight, but more often than not the real struggle comes with not achieving weight loss, but sustaining weight loss.

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Face Medical - What can we do for you in 2022?

7th January 2022

What can we do for you in 2022?

The world of aesthetics is an ever growing industry that continues to welcome more and more people each and every year.

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Face Medical - 4 Fabulous uses for Fillers

10th December 2021

4 Fabulous uses for Fillers

If you’re reading this blog then you have already heard of Dermal Filler, but what you may not know is just how versatile this amazing product really is.

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Have you heard about EndyMed? - Face Medical Clinic

22nd November 2021

Have you heard about EndyMed?

There are probably more people than you know who have a little secret about why they look so young. Well Face Medical in Heywood wants to share this secret with you…

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Injectable treatments that care about your skin - Face Medical Clinic

22nd October 2021

Injectable treatments that care about your skin

When you care about the appearance of your skin, you choose products and procedures that address your personal concerns and will suit your individual type of skin.

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Banish your blemishes with Electrolysis at Face Medical

8th September 2021

Banish your blemishes with Electrolysis

Your skin is a feature that is unique to you, from its distinct colouring to the lumps and bumps that make up its individual look and feel.

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11th August 2021

Ellanse – A facial filler with a difference

Facial fillers have become a popular aesthetic treatment that can work to accentuate the look of the features, as well as helping to reverse the signs of ageing.

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4th August 2021

Brighten your look with ZO Skin Health

Looking good and feeling great can often be attributed to well-defined features and a physique that is toned and in-shape.

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