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Simply put, pigmentation refers to skin colouring, or rather, irregular skin colouring. Melanin is the pigment in your skin that is responsible for your skin colour, and when your melanin-producing cells become overactive, damaged or unhealthy, you may be subject to pigmentation disorders. This affects the production of melanin, and in some cases pigmentation concerns originate at birth.

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Moles, freckles and birthmarks are all types of pigmentation that the majority of us are familiar with, most of which are usually harmless. More serious pigmentation issues include hyperpigmentation, vitiligo and albinism. It is unclear why a lot of pigmentation disorders develop, but in many cases, they can have a significantly negative impact on our confidence and mental wellbeing.

At Face Medical Clinic in Heywood, we offer Aestheticare Neoretin topical skin creams, Dermalux LED Light therapy and skin peels to assist with the treatment of pigmentation.

For further information regarding pigmentation and the treatment options available, get in touch with the Face Medical Clinic team, led by Founder and Aesthetic Nurse, Deborah Vines.

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