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Pigmentation refers to discolouration of the skin. This can appear as lighter or darker areas that develop, which can vary in shape and size. Most commonly, the skin is affected by hyperpigmentation whereby darkened patches appear which usually develop on the face, hands, forearms and chest. Age spots are usually fairly small and round, whereas melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation and sun damage can be more widespread.

The effects of pigmentation are predominantly an aesthetic concern as its noticeable appearance makes it an unwelcome feature, and may even impact self-confidence.

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he cause of pigmentation is down to the production of melanin in the skin. This substance determines your natural skin tone, but there can be reasons why its usual, steady production is disrupted. We mentioned that Face Medical most commonly treats hyperpigmentation. This occurs from the overproduction of melanin from the melanocyte cells that live in the skin. UV rays, hormone changes and inflammation are the main triggers of excess melanin. When UV rays penetrate the skin it responds in this way to provide some protection to the deeper layers. As a result, these cells (which go darker in colour) can bunch together and then become visible on the surface. Excess melanin will remain in the cells permanently until they are naturally expelled which will take some time as they are not near the surface. Age spots especially, are associated with getting older as they usually appear later in life, but this is because the concern can take many years to fully develop.

Pregnancy, menopause and general ageing are typical instances where hormonal changes mean melanin production is induced. This may happen nearer the surface and could resolve on its own, but in many cases a treatment is preferred.

At Face Medical Clinic in Heywood, we offer Aestheticare Neoretin topical skin creams, Dermalux LED Light therapy and skin peels to assist with the treatment of pigmentation.

For further information regarding pigmentation and the treatment options available, get in touch with the Face Medical Clinic team, led by Founder and Aesthetic Nurse, Deborah Vines.

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