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ZO Facial for Redness

Facial redness is a common skin complaint that can be attributed to various factors, including rosacea, irritation, allergic reactions and other natural responses to certain medications or products. We understand that having a flushed appearance or experiencing patches of redness can be difficult to deal with, especially if these areas are sore or painful, so we make it our mission to examine the specific causes behind your skin’s redness to help you achieve the best possible results.

At Face Medical, we recommend using ZO Skin Health’s facials to help treat and prevent skin redness. This facial is clinically proven to help relieve and reduce the most visible signs of red, sensitive skin as well as symptoms which are associated with rosacea such as flushing, inflammation and roughness. The ZO Redness cream will also help manage excess surface oil present on the face, as well as exfoliate the skin to reduce the effects of ageing.

This treatment is complemented with the award winning DERMALUX LED Phototherapy treatment, which revitalises and regenerates skin for a more youthful complexion. DERMALUX LED Phototherapy is clinically proven to improve spot prone skin and accelerate the natural healing process.

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At Face Medical, all of our consultations are conducted free of charge, for customers and old and new. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer bespoke treatment solutions that are made for you and your skin. During this consultation, one of our skincare professionals will be able to answer any queries or concerns you might have, as well as recommend the skincare routine that is best for you.


The ZO Redness Facial is a multi-modal treatment that is clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of red skin and rosacea. At Face Medical, all of our treatment plans are catered to the individual, and, as a result, these will differ from person to person. When performing this facial, one of our practitioners will apply a wide range of products to your skin. These can include: a Hydrating Cleanser or Foamacleanse, an Exfoliating Polish, Stimulator Peel, Aloe Hydra Massage Gel and Masque. The treatment usually takes around 50 minutes and can be repeated until your desired results are achieved.


At Face Medical, we will always advise you on the best post-treatment plan to ensure your skin remains looking radiant. As part of this, our healthcare professionals will usually recommend incorporating ZO Rozatrol into your normal skincare routine. The use of this product helps minimise the appearance of redness, inflammation and damage induced by daily oxidative stress. This usually commences the morning after your treatment.

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How soon until I see results?

If you follow the advice and instructions given to you by one of our healthcare professionals, you should start to see results within four weeks. This can vary from case to case and will depend on your situation.

How much does the ZO Redness Facial cost?

£150. If this treatment plan is of interest to you, we would recommend a consultation with one of our skincare experts.

Is the ZO Redness Facial for me?

If you are suffering from red, inflamed skin, or conditions such as rosacea, then the ZO Redness Facial can help you manage your symptoms and minimise the appearance of redness. This will ensure your skin is restored to its naturally radiant appearance.