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Campbell de Morgan Spots

Campbell de Morgan Spots, otherwise known as cherry angiomas or red moles, are small-to-medium growths that can form on several areas of the body. Notable for their circular red appearance, they vary in size and texture and may either feel lumpy or smooth to the touch. In most cases, Campbell de Morgan Spots tend to become more prominent with age, and often develop when we are in our thirties and beyond.

Campbell de Morgan Spots derive their redness from the blood vessels that they contain. They are usually seen as harmless, unless they alter in shape or begin to bleed spontaneously. These traits may be indicative of skin cancer.

Little is known about what causes Campbell de Morgan Spots, although they have been linked to genetics, underlying health conditions, environmental factors and pregnancy. Much of the time, these growths are benign, but many people seek to have them removed for cosmetic reasons.

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We use Short Wave Diathermy to eliminate Campbell de Morgan Spots from all areas of the body. In this process, a needle is used to deliver bursts of electrical current to the appropriate Campbell de Morgan Spot in order to remove it from the skin. This is then cauterised to safeguard against excessive bleeding. The device that we use to perform Short Wave Diathermy is also suitable for the treatment of Campbell de Morgan spots that reside around the eye. Its precise and controlled functionality ensures safety at all times whilst minimising trauma.

At Face Medical, we see everybody as an individual and, as such, will always tailor your Short Wave Diathermy treatment plan to your specific requirements. Your treatment journey will be set forth during an in-depth clinical consultation with aesthetic nurse, Deborah Vines, who has worked in the medical profession in various capacities for nearly 30 years.

It is the aim of Deborah, and all of the Face Medical Team, to guide you through your treatment journey with complete care and safety. As medical experts, and patient-centred practitioners, we see it as our role to deliver results that are subtle, natural, long-lasting and always the best version of you. To find out more about Short Wave Diathermy for the treatment of Campbell de Morgan Spots, please get in touch with us today.

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