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Acne Scarring

Fighting acne can be a traumatic experience. However, ridding skin of blemishes is half the battle. All too often, acne can leave permanent scarring in its wake. Acne scarring can take several different forms, dependent on the condition of the skin and the type of acne suffered.

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Ice pick scars, which are deep holes in the skin that take on a similar look to puncture wounds, occur when the body produces too little collagen to repair the skin. They are the result of infected sebaceous glands in the skin. While they are the most common form of acne scarring, they are often the most difficult to correct due to their crater-like appearance, but can be effectively treated with a range of collagen-boosting or skin smoothing treatments such as Electronic Derma Stamp.

Similar to ice pick scars, boxcar scars also take the form of depressions in the skin, but tend to be wider and “boxier”. They form when there is too little collagen present during the healing process, and chemical peels and laser treatment can improve their appearance.

Rolling scars occur due to bands of scar tissue developing under the skin, resulting in an uneven appearance where the skin appears to roll over the scarring in a waving formation. Microneedling is a very effective method of dealing with rolling scars.

Many people who suffer from acne scarring with have a combination of different kinds of scars, and this will have to be taken into account when deciding on the best method of treatment. This can be done via a complimentary consultation at Face Medical Clinic.

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