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ZO Skin Health: Complexion Clearing Programme

For many people, the key to a clear and glowing complexion often means the upkeep of a regular skin care routine. Skin care experts will often recommend the use of products that are compatible with your particular skin type and tone, applying them on a daily basis to maintain the good condition of the skin.

Many adults will agree that spots and pimples are not just a teenage concern. Adults can also be affected by acne, which can be caused by a range of factors, including hormonal changes and blocked pores. At Face Medical in Heywood, we house a range of treatments and products from the ZO Health skin care range. With our expert guidance we can help you to restore a clearer complexion, and we are one of the very few clinics that can also treat acne in patients as young as 14.

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ZO Skin Health is an advanced skin care range, meaning it is backed by science. These products are only available to purchase via a prescription, and Face Medical will require all patients to attend a one-to-one consultation before any product is recommended. Your consultation will be carried out by one of our highly trained practitioners who takes an in-depth look at your individual concerns. A skin care programme with ZO Skin Health is tailored to each person and their conditions, using the right combination of active ingredients to help improve the quality and condition of the skin. During your consultation we will have an open and honest conversation, and will work with you to put together a personalised treatment plan. This will comprise the most suitable products with the aim of creating a clean and clear appearance, providing you with a unique outcome that aims to fulfil your expectations. We may also use the Observ Skin Scanner to professionally analyse your skin, enabling us to identify any concerns at a deeper level so that a more accurate solution can be suggested.

Individual Treatment Programme

ZO Skin Health’s complexion clearing programme is a complete range of products that focuses on producing a noticeably clearer complexion. These products take a more gentle approach to the sensitive nature of acne-prone skin, addressing commonly experienced symptoms such as: clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, pus-filled pustules and cysts. Your individual Complexion Clearing Programme will be tailored to meet your individual needs and will be made up of of a combination of the following products: Hydrating cleanser / exfoliating cleanser / gentle cleanser - whichever approach to cleaning your skin is right for you, these products will rid the skin of dirt and debris, preventing the development of congested skin. Exfoliating polish - removing excess oil and dead skin cells helps to smooth and brighten the skin. Dual action scrub - as well as removing unwanted skin cells and excess sebum, this product increases hydration and reduces inflammation. Complexion renewal pads - increasing hydration, minimizing surface oil and eliminating dead skin cells helps to prevent future breakouts of acne. Oil control pads - containing maximum strength acne preventing solution, this product supports effective exfoliation, reduces oil production and tightens pores. Calming toner - a suitable toner helps to remove any dirt and debris that your cleanser may have missed as well as restoring pH levels, helping to increase hydration, reduce pore size and calm the skin.

Further Advice

Face Medical is dedicated to ensuring you look and feel great. We advise the use of this programme to help get rid of acne and produce a clear and radiant complexion. You may find the results will take a couple of weeks to become visible, and long-term use helps to ensure a long-term outcome. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to all our patients, and by following up on your treatment means we can continue to assess your concerns, monitor the results and adjust your plan accordingly. Many people take steps to take care of their personal health and well-being, which can also be reflected in the condition of the skin. Face Medical encourages a clean and healthy lifestyle as nutritious food, drinking plenty of water and taking regular exercise can also help to maintain the skin’s healthy glow. The use of medical grade skin care products can provide extra support, supplementing the skin with the right amount of nutrients to enhance its appearance.

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How soon until I see results?

The skin will need to have some time to respond to the ingredients in these products. Therefore, it may take a few weeks before visible results can be seen. It is important not to give up on your treatment if you do not see an instant change, and in some cases the concern may appear to get worse before it improves.

How much does the ‘Complexion Clearing Programme’ cost?

Each case is approached individually, and the products that are recommended for you are tailored according to your concerns. At the consultation, your practitioner will discuss the cost of your programme.

Is the Complexion Clearing Programme for me?

The Complexion Clearing Programme is often recommended to those who are affected by frequent breakouts of spots and pimples – acne. The products are kind to sensitive skin and are found to suit most skin types and tones. This programme can be advised to adults of any age, and Face Medical can also help younger patients affected by acne – as young as 14 years old.

Can the Complexion Clearing Programme be used with other treatments?

Face Medical also uses ZO Health products within various other treatments. With our advice you may be able to follow the Complexion Clearing Programme while undergoing other treatments. This can be discussed at the consultation.