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Milium cysts, known collectively as milia, are tiny bumps that usually develop on the nose or the cheeks. White or yellow in colour, they emerge when keratin – a natural protein found in tissue, hair and nails – finds itself trapped underneath the skin.

It’s not uncommon for milia to present from birth, and many newborn babies are known to experience this skin condition with seemingly no trigger. In the majority of instances, newborn milia, which is largely contained to the face and scalp, disappears after a few months. This is also true of primary adult milia, especially in cases where bumps are located on the forehead and eyelids.

Other forms of milia have a more definite cause and are referred to as secondary milia. Secondary milia occurs as a result of damage, irritation or trauma to the skin. These may be triggered by an injury or even the use of a particular skincare product. They can also be much harder to shift.

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Short Wave Diathermy can be used to eliminate milia from the skin. This is made possible by inserting a needle into the milia and applying an electrical current. The energy generated by this electrical current targets each milium cyst and pierces the keratin that resides at its centre. Once this process has been completed, a tiny crust may form in the treatment area and this should fall off independently after around 48 hours. A second session may be required to remove large milia.

As with our treatment for Campbell de Morgan Spots, Short Wave Diathermy is highly effective at targeting skin concerns that are located around the eye. The device that we use to perform this procedure is precise and easy to control, which allows for safe treatments with minimal risk.

At Face Medical, we will never advise treatment without inviting you to a free in-depth consultation with aesthetic nurse, Deborah Vines. Over the years, Deborah has developed a keen eye for medical aesthetics procedures and will perform a thorough pre-treatment skin assessment to determine whether or not you are suitable for Short Wave Diathermy treatment.

As person-centred practitioners, it is our role to help you reach your outcomes in a safe, effective and ethical way, always putting your needs at the forefront of everything that we do. To find out more about Short Wave Diathermy for milia, please get in touch with us today.


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