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Combination Treatments

Combination treatments do exactly what they say on the tin – they combine multiple benefits from different treatments to give you a look that you will truly adore. Whether you want to replace lost volume on the central region of your face, rejuvenate areas that have fallen prey to fine lines or wrinkles or simply refresh and replenish your skin, we have a wide range of combination treatments that can help you achieve the facial appearance that you’ve always dreamed of.

Most people find that their face tends to age faster than everything else and that this is usually the first area of the body that becomes prone to the formation of fine lines or wrinkles. Often, this is due to the numerous facial movements that we perform unconsciously, from squinting and smiling to raising our eyebrows. All of these things contribute toward a more aged appearance, and as we grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult for our skin to bounce back into position as well as it once did.

All of our combination treatments have been made with you in mind, each one tailored and adjusted to treat your specific skin concerns as effectively as possible. From facial resculpting to all-out rejuvenation, we are here for you.

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At Face Medical, we take your safety very seriously. This is why we ask that all of our patients attend a pre-treatment consultation with one of our trained aesthetic professionals. During this time, we will assess the severity of your specific aesthetic concern and determine the best method of treatment going forward. From here, our team of trained practitioners will create a bespoke treatment plan that is built around your every need. Our consultations are not just for us - they also allow you to raise any concerns or anxieties you may have about your treatment. This time is also used to discuss any long-term skin goals you may have, as well as to talk about the results you can expect to see from your treatment.

The Procedure

If you opt for a combination treatment at Face Medical, then you will quickly learn that no procedure is ever the same. For this reason, it is impossible to say what a ‘standard’ treatment looks like, as different combinations are requested or chosen to help treat various problems. You can find some of our most requested combination treatments below. Our Lower Face Lift is favoured by those who want to address some of the more common signs of ageing. This procedure can help add some much-needed structure to your jawline, creating a more defined look and lifting any sagging jowls. Want to replace the volume in the middle region of your face? Our Mid Face Lift could be the treatment for you. Not only does it add volume to your cheeks, but it also gives them extra definition as well as softening any nose or mouth lines. This really is a treatment that leaves you looking and feeling great. If you are on the hunt for extra facial definition and want to revitalise the central region of your face, then why not try our 7 Point Shape Face Lift? Created by Mauricio De Maio, this combination treatment can reintroduce curves and definition to the middle of the face whilst successfully sculpting the lower face. Our Finishing Touches Face Lift is a great way to refresh and smooth the skin around your eyes, forehead, nose and mouth. The perfect treatment to complement any style. Seeking a more personal touch? Speak to a member of the team about our D’vine Bespoke combination treatment plan, they will sit down with you to devise a treatment programme to help combat your specific skin concerns.


Aftercare is almost as important as your actual treatment - not only can it help you maintain and extend the results of your procedure, but it can also ensure that you recover quickly and healthily. The majority of our combination treatments utilise fillers or Botox, meaning that most patients will need minimal aftercare. This is one of many reasons why numerous patients are now opting for non-surgical procedures as their treatment of choice. In terms of side effects, the most common of these is swelling which is normally very easy to manage and tends to fix itself in just a couple of days. This means that the majority of people can return to work straight after treatment.

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How much do combination treatments cost?

The cost is dependent on the treatment combination you choose, as well as the treatment area. All of this will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Does the procedure hurt?

The amount of discomfort you will experience is dependent on the treatment options that you choose. This is nothing to worry about as your trained dermatologist will provide you with pain relief if you feel this is necessary.

How long does the procedure last?

The amount of time your treatment will take is dependent on the specific combinations that you choose. On the whole, by opting to combine treatments you will save yourself significant time compared to someone who has them done individually.

How long do the results last?

The length of time that your results will last will be determined by the severity of your problem and the treatment you opt for.

COVID-19 Statement

At Face Medical, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of our patients and our staff. So it’s for this reason that we’ve begun to implement some extra-precautionary measures to complement our existing practices and to help everyone stay as safe as they can during this difficult period.