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ZO Radiant Skin

Your skin is one of the first things that people will notice about you, and it is probably the first thing you notice whenever you look in the mirror. Having to live with dry, dull and tired skin isn’t easy. Not only can it be a real knock to your confidence but it can also affect how you approach day to day situations. Healthy body, healthy mind is a famous saying, and at Face Medical we think this applies to your skin too!

Do you suffer from dull tired skin? Tired of worrying about what people will think? If so, the Exclusive ZO Radiant Skin Package at Face Medical Clinic could be the perfect solution for you. This combination of professional aesthetic treatments is designed to restore a brighter and more youthful complexion, as well as achieving optimum health for your skin.

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Your safety is our top priority at Face Medical - that is why we ask that all of our patients join us for a pre-treatment consultation with one of our trained medical professionals. During this time we will assess any aesthetic concerns that you may have to determine the best mode of treatment. One of our professionals will then create a bespoke treatment plan for you, taking into account any medical or aesthetic considerations you may have. Anybody who is joining us for our Exclusive ZO Radiant Skin Package will find that their consultation includes a Digital Skin Analysis - this allows us to identify what is going on not just on the surface, but also in the deeper layers of your skin. With this additional information, our practitioners will be better informed, enabling them to prescribe you the best medical grade products suited to you and your skin.

The Procedure

At Face Medical, we take pride in the fact that none of our combination treatments are the same as they are each tailored to suit the individual needs of our patients. However, anyone joining us for the ZO Radiant Skin Package can expect to achieve brighter-looking and healthier feeling skin, contributing to a complexion that looks more balanced and youthful. Our ZO Radiant Skin Package always starts with a consultation and digital skin analysis, as mentioned above. Once this phase of the treatment has concluded, you will be provided with a ZO Skin Health Daily Skincare Program Kit which will include a range of medical-grade skin products that have been picked for your specific treatment. Our skincare regimes also include the Heliocare Sun Protection Factor 50, as this helps protect your skin from any further damage. The package also includes six DERMALUX LED Phototherapy Sessions - an award-winning treatment which can help revitalise and regenerate your skin, helping patients achieve a more youthful complexion. DERMALUX LED is clinically proven to improve spot prone skin and accelerate the natural healing process. Once your six-week programme at our Face Medical Clinic in Heywood, Lancashire has finished, you will be invited back so we can reassess your skin with another digital analysis. Not only does this allow us to review your skin and see any improvements, but it also allows us to see if there are any further ways we can improve your results.


When you choose our ZO Radiant Skin Package you are committing to a treatment plan that includes both in-clinic and at-home care. You will need to follow the instructions outlined in your treatment plan as closely as you can to ensure you achieve the best results possible. After your six-week program has been completed, we encourage you to continue using your prescribed skin products to help maintain the results of your treatment. It is also possible to schedule a follow-up treatment to ensure the effects of your treatment last long into the future!

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How long is the treatment course of a Radiant Skin Package?

The Exclusive Radiant Skin Package at Face Medical Clinic is a 6-week programme. Six appointments are needed and there will be a home care routine to follow including a ZO Skin Health SPF . After the 6 weeks, there may be some recommended repeat treatments at the clinic to maintain results, and you will probably be advised to continue using the prescribed skin products to ensure that results last.

How much does a Radiant Skin Package cost?


How long do results last from a Radiant Skin Package?

As you continue your home treatment after completing the Dermalux treatments your skin will continue to improve. It is also advisable to have top-up treatments of the Dermalux too every four to six weeks to maintain that lovely glow.