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Intravita IV Infusion

For over 50 years, intravenous (IV) drips have been used as a safe and effective method of delivering vitamins and minerals to the body. This method of application administers the required supplement directly into the bloodstream which ensures maximum absorption as the liver and digestive system are avoided altogether. As the blood flows all around the body, it can transport the chosen nutrients to where they are needed, providing instant nourishment at a cellular level. Booster shots are administered intramuscularly (IM), meaning they are delivered via an injection. They are also designed to supplement the body’s nutrition, and are an effective way to get essential vitamins and minerals into the body, fast.

Those who benefit from IV infusion (whether a drip or a shot is recommended) often feel like certain aspects of their physical or emotional well-being are not quite 100%. Face Medical are using IV drips and booster shots by IntraVita, a leading manufacturer who are well known for their high quality products. They are a globally popular treatment solution to a great many concerns, that provide a vast amount of patients with a quick and easy way to improve their overall health and well-being.

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Face Medical in Heywood near Manchester, provides a range of treatment solutions to help improve the face, body and skin. We recognise that many psychological concerns are often associated with appearance, however, we understand that this can also be more than skin deep. For many people, certain concerns can often be improved from the inside out. Boosting nutrient levels in the body may be just what is needed to make a difference, not just on the outside, but for your inner well-being too. Our practitioners will sit down with you during a one-to-one consultation and listen to what it is that’s causing you concern. We’ll discuss aspects of your diet and lifestyle and establish if there are any specific nutrients we think the body may be lacking - based on what you tell us. It is important that you ensure we have all the information we need to make an accurate recommendation, otherwise we may not suggest the right IV infusion for you.

Individual Treatment Programme

There are many IV infusions available from IntraVita. They are available in the form of a drip or a shot, each of which target a different concern(s). The drips and shots come from the supplier ‘ready to administer’ and do not contain preservatives, gluten, heavy metals or animal based substances. IV infusion drips are single doses made of sodium chloride, water and a combination of various vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Further Advice

IntraVita IV infusions are designed to supplement your usual diet, providing your body with extra nutrients. They work alongside a healthy and active lifestyle to produce maximum results, whether that’s to achieve glossy hair, healthy nails, an energy boost or glowing skin (to name a few). The treatment is very comfortable and patients only experience minor discomfort as the cannula / fine needle is being inserted - and we do administer a numbing cream to the area beforehand to minimise any pain. When the treatment is finished you are free to leave the clinic and continue with your day as you normally would, as there is very little downtime attached. In some cases a patient feels a little nauseous and may get a headache, but this isn’t usually severe enough to impact your ability to carry out everyday tasks or return to work.

At Face Medical we have the following drips available:

  • Performance booster plus – What does it do ?
  1. Boost athletic performance.
  2. Overall vitality booster for general health.
  3. Well being maintenance.
  4. Metabolism booster.
  • Modified Meyers plus – What does it do ?
  1. General health & wellbeing.
  2. Metabolism boost.
  3. Anti-Ageing
  • Immuno Booster – What does it do ?
  1. Immune system booster.
  2. Contains ornithine which is anti fatigue.
  • Skin Brightening – What does it do ?
  1. Brightens skin with high dose Vitamin C (G6PD blood test required)
  • Hair nourishment – What does it do ?
  1. Hair & nail nourishment.
  2. Enhances skin quality and supplements brittle nail repair.
  • Fat burner plus – What does it do ?
  1. Metabolism boost.
  2. Energy boosting.
  3. Fat burn effect when combined with a healthy diet plan and exercise.
  • Vitamin C – What does it do ? 
  1. Boost skin health.
  2. Enhance immune system.
  3. Detoxification.
  4. Antioxidant.
  • Glutathione – What does it do ?
  1. Boost physical performance and recovery time
  2. Anti-Ageing
  3. Increased energy.
  4. Improves skin texture.
  5. Toxin and heavy metal removal.
  6. Liver detox effect.
  7. Body & mind vitality booster
  • Mega vitalizer – What does it do ?
  1. Boost athletic performance.
  2. Overall vitality booster for general health and wellbeing maintenance.
  • Wellness Meyers- What does it do ?
  1. General health and wellbeing.
  2. Metabolism and Immune system boosting.

You’ll be seated in one of our treatment rooms, where the IV infusion will be inserted into a suitable vein (usually in the arm). The drip can take around 30 – 60 minutes to fully absorb, and the use of a small cannula means the wound is very small and leaves no trace once healed. Within around 12 – 24 hours the IV infusion will start to take effect, however some patients report instantly feeling better.

The booster shots we provide include:

  • IM B12 Methylcobalamin – What does it do ?
  1. Energy Booster
  2. Metabolism Booster
  3. Supports healthy hair, skin and nail growth
  • IM Fat burner shot – What does it do ?
  1. Metabolism boosting.
  2. Fat burning effect when combined with a balanced diet and exercise.
  3. Burns fat for energy production.
  • IM Biotin – What does it do ?
  1. Hair, nail and skin nourishment.
  2. Supplements brittle nail repair.

These injections can be administered in as little as 10 minutes, and our practitioners will explain how the ingredients contained within the recommended shot will work to improve your well-being. IM shots are injected directly into the bloodstream, and are a popular method of treatment due to their quick and easy application.

Depending on the type of infusion that’s been recommended for you, the results can last from 8 days to 3 weeks and many patients have regular IV infusions to help maintain their sense of well-being.

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How soon will I see results?

The time it takes for results to develop can vary from person to person. Some patients report an instant outcome, whereas others find it takes between 12 and 24 hours. Whatever happens for you, the results are fairly rapid.

How much does this treatment cost, and how long will it take?

During your consultation, your practitioner will discuss the cost of this treatment. The cost of our IV Infusions and shots are:

IV Infusion & IV Push.
IV Performance booster plus – £275 – 60 mins
IV Modified Meyers plus £250 – 60 mins
IV Immuno Booster – £275 – 60mins
IV Skin Brightening – £300 – 60 mins (25g Vit C IV & Glutathione together, saving £125)
IV Hair nourishment – £250 – 60 mins
IV Fat burner plus – £275 – 60 mins
IV Vitamin C – Various Doses – (2g-£150, 8g-£175,15g-£200, 25g-£225, 30g-£250) – 30mins
IV Push Glutathione – Various doses – (600mg-£125,1200mg-£150, 2400mg-£175) – 30 mins
IV Mega vitalizer – £225 – 45 mins
IV Wellness Meyers – £225 – 45 mins

Booster shots:
IM B12 Methylcobalamin – £35 – 15 mins (course of 10 – £300)
IM Fat burner shot – £70 – 15 mins
IM Biotin – £40 – 15 mins

Blood tests
All blood tests – £60

Is this treatment for me?

IV infusions are designed to provide the body with a pick-me-up. It is usually minor concerns or ‘niggles’ that lead a person to requesting an IV infusion. If your conditions are more severe or impactful on your daily life, this can be discussed at the consultation and a suitable solution can be explored.

Can Intravita IV drips be used with other treatments?

When discussing your concerns at the consultation, your practitioner will explain how IV infusions can benefit you. In many cases they can work with other aesthetic treatments to enhance the results, but your practitioner will need more details on your health and medical history before this is recommended.

Which parts of the body can Intravita IV drips / shots treat?

IntraVita IV infusions can treat a wide range of everyday concerns, in all areas of the body inside and out.

Do I need a blood test ?

We recommend a blood test for a course of B12 Methylcobalamin to check your levels and confirm you need B12 but not for a one off treatment.

Blood tests are mandatory for high dose Vitamin C (15g and above)