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Misshapen Nose

A misshapen nose, or a bump on the nose, is known to seriously affect self-esteem. The nose is such a prominent feature of the face, and when photographs are taken from a profile angle, a dorsum bump or a misshapen bridge of the nose can produce an undesirable image.

Bumps on the nose can be made up of excess cartilage and bone, and can either be caused by genetics or as a result of injury. If your misshapen nose is genetic, this can sometimes grow and change as you get older, and what was once a manageable feature can become more pronounced and a cause for distress. If it is caused by injury, your misshapen nose will be a result of trauma, which can encourage calcium deposits and excess bone growth, which creates the unwanted bump on the nose.

Deborah Vines and the team at Face Medical Clinic are here to help when it comes to improving a misshapen nose. The treatment of choice is often non-surgical rhinoplasty with dermal fillers, which is a treatment that Deborah has vast knowledge and experience in. Please get in touch to book your consultation today.