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Ageing Hands

The skin on the hands will often experience the same levels of ageing as the face. As well as losing collagen and elastin when production slows down, this area is also highly exposed to the environment, and UV rays.

The hands are in constant use throughout the day and often have more contact with harsh chemicals than any other part of the body. These factors can affect the condition of the skin’s surface, causing it to become fragile and dry. They often combine with a natural change in the internal structure which together, lead to the hands developing an aged appearance. Many people are aware that less collagen and elastin in the skin causes lost volume, thin skin and wrinkles. UV rays will speed up the rate at which these proteins break down, as well as causing cellular damage (a major contributor to age spots). It is these circumstances that cause the development of ageing hands, and their characteristically bony look with dark patches and prominent veins.

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It’s important not to forget about caring for the hands, and they should be included as part of the daily skincare ritual. Applying moisturising creams and SPF can help to protect the skin against premature ageing and drying out, and wearing gloves (such as when outside in the cold and windy weather, or when doing household chores) can prevent contact with certain environmental conditions or harsh products.

Face Medical can provide a suitable solution when the hands start to lose their youthful appearance. Restoring volume and strength to the skin is often key when looking to address ageing hands. There are a number of treatments available including: dermal fillers, Profhilo, chemical peels and Regenerative Skin Booster. All of these treatments are great for rejuvenating the skin on the hands as well as the face. They can work to improve a range of conditions giving the hands back their smooth, voluminous, evenly toned appearance.

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