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Overall Health & Well-Being

Food provides energy and nutrition in order for the body to function properly. Most people are conscious of what they eat, taking care to eat the right foods in the right proportions. Vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates are the essential nutrients needed by the body in regular and sufficient amounts. A balanced diet is often the most effective way of getting these nutrients into the body, which are naturally absorbed and transported to the right place.

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Despite the conscious efforts of many people, there are cases where a person feels their overall health and well-being is not quite 100%. This can include a whole range of different concerns and minor niggles which can affect any one area or multiple areas of the body: A person can generally feel sluggish or fatigued, especially if they are having trouble sleeping; their hair may look lifeless, nails may be soft and brittle, the skin may look dull / dry, joints / muscles can feel achy or weak, weight loss may be difficult or they may find they regularly get minor colds or generally feel under the weather.

These concerns can often be resolved through a boost of a certain nutrient that may be needed in a higher level than the body currently has. An IV infusion can provide a much needed top-up for the body. Administered directly to the bloodstream (intravenously), the chosen infusion can work rapidly to improve the nutrient levels and improve the body’s overall well-being. Undergoing an IV infusion often helps to maintain the health of the body and keep it in good working order.  We have a range of IV infusion therapies available at Face Medical, which are specifically chosen depending on your specific concerns. If you’re feeling a little lacklustre then speak with us and we’ll have you feeling brighter in no time.