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ZO Skin Brightening Facial

Plagued by dull, dreary-looking skin? As time passes, the effects of ageing and a whole host of other lifestyle factors can have a very real impact on the look and feel of our facial skin, leaving behind such undesirable impressions as discolouration, areas of hyperpigmentation and noticeable inconsistencies in tone. This can result in skin that looks washed out, unspectacular and in dire need of re-energising.

Fortunately, at Face Medical, Heywood, we’re proud to offer a number of reinvigorating facials from ZO Skin Health and one of the finest examples of these five-star rejuvenation procedures is the ZO Skin Brightening Facial, a rigorous and nourishing treatment designed to leave the skin looking fresher, clearer and much more even in colour and texture.

This treatment is complemented with the award winning DERMALUX LED Phototherapy treatment, which revitalises and regenerates skin for a more youthful complexion. DERMALUX LED Phototherapy is clinically proven to improve spot prone skin and accelerate the natural healing process.

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How does this work?

As with many of the other advanced products and programmes that make up the highly regarded ZO Skin Health range, the ZO Skin Brightening Facial works to rectify a number of common skin health problems at their source in order to help you achieve longer-lasting results. At the beginning of your treatment, your skin will be subjected to a thorough cleansing in order to eliminate any impurities before an exfoliant is used to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and accelerate the rate of cell turnover. After this, a prep solution is applied to clear away any lingering debris and make the skin more receptive to the effects of the facial. A peel is then applied to the face for around two minutes. This unique formula consists of a combination of powerful acids, all of which have a number of valuable anti-inflammatory and pigmentation-destroying properties. Once this peel is removed, several key products are used to replace lost moisture, brighten the complexion and inhibit melanin production, resulting in skin that is more hydrated, more consistent in tone and protected against the emergence of dark patches in the future.


At Face Medical, our expert team is hugely passionate about providing treatments and services that are tailored to the individual needs of each and every one of our patients. Over the course of a free consultation, we take the time to get to know who you are as an individual before carrying out a thorough assessment of your skin. This allows us to gain a clearer picture of your overall skin health and provide recommendations based on what we find.


Although the treatment itself takes steps to protect the skin from future damage, it’s recommended that you incorporate a ZO Accelerated Serum into your daily skincare routine after undergoing the ZO Skin Brightening Facial. Instructions for use will be discussed with you following your treatment and we will always be on hand to discuss any concerns or further questions you may have once your treatment is complete.

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How soon until I see results?

This can differ depending on your individual skincare goals. Generally, results will be instantly visible and will only improve if you decide to book in for this facial on a regular basis.

How long does this treatment take?

This usually takes around 50 minutes to perform.

Is there any downtime?

No. Patients generally report being able to carry on with their activities as normal following this treatment and there is very little chance of your skin peeling or demonstrating any redness after having this facial.

How much does the Skin Brightening Facial cost?

£150. If this treatment plan is of interest to you, we would recommend a consultation with one of our skincare experts..

Is the Skin Brightening Facial for me?

The Skin Brightening Facial is designed for anyone struggling to manage the appearance of areas of hyperpigmentation or any other form of uneven skin tone.