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Oily Skin/Large Pores

If you happen to have rather oily skin or large pores, then it’s unlikely that there’s a solid reason for this, other than the simple fact that it comes down to your genetics. With that said, there are some other factors that might contribute, including hormone changes, particularly in women.

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Women going through pregnancy and menopause often experience changes in their skin, even during their monthly menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, physical and emotional changes in both men and women could have an effect on your skin, particularly stress, but even with the changing weather or something as simple as altering your skincare routine. Oil-producing sebaceous glands are in abundance in and around your face, chest and back, which is why skin might appear oilier in these places. Luckily, there are steps and treatments that you can take in order to take back control of overactive sebaceous glands. At Face Medical Clinic, our treatment options for oily skin and large pores include: ZO Skin Health Medi grade skin products, Dermalux LED light therapy or Skin peels.

The best suited treatment to you can be determined by an initial consultation with Deborah Vines, our Founder and highly experienced Aesthetic Nurse. For more information or to book the consultation, simply contact us today.

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