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Ageing Skin

Our skin is often tight, firm, lifted and smooth in our youth, but as we age our structural proteins (collagen and elastin) can deplete and this causes the skin to become lax and sag. The natural effects of ageing can also lead our facial skin to look tired and dull, but amongst other treatments for ageing skin, Face Medical Clinic would like to introduce Ellansé as a possible solution.

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Ellansé works differently and naturally. It differs from traditional hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers because it naturally stimulates collagen production, rather than simply lifting and volumising due to its gel-like properties. Ellansé is a great treatment for correcting wrinkles and folds as well as treating the underlying causes of ageing skin and facial ageing.

At Face Medical Clinic, our team of aesthetics experts, led by our Medical Director – Deborah Vines, are on hand to answer any questions you may have about Ellansé or our other treatments for ageing skin. For all enquiries, or to arrange a consultation, please get in contact.

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