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Lipstick Lines

Lipstick bleed lines, also known as smoker’s lines, are a sign of ageing that can occur due to gravity, natural ageing, a downward mouth appearance, or the effects of smoking. These lines etch the lips and may extend vertically from the lips, too. Smoker’s lines get their name from and are more likely to form in smokers, due to the repeated pursing of the lips when we draw from the cigarette. In addition to this, smoking also breaks down the production of collagen, which in turn increases the appearance of wrinkles and causes the skin to thin.

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At Face Medical Clinic, we would typically treat lipstick lines with advanced dermal fillers, or anti-wrinkle injections, or in some cases – both! The best suited treatment for you can be determined after an initial consultation with Deborah Vines or another experienced member of the Face Medical Clinic team. Book your consultation today.

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