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Thin Lips

Some people are born with naturally thin lips, a result of genetics and DNA; however, thin lips can also occur as a result of age. As the skin loses its elasticity, which occurs when collagen production slows, this can have a damaging effect of the lips, causing them to lose firmness and take on a thinner appearance. This may be worsened by lack of care to the lips, such as through sun exposure, smoking, or dehydration. Regardless of the causes, thin lips can age an otherwise youthful face. With plump lips growing in popularity, many patients are seeking aesthetic means of achieving a fuller look.

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Face Medical Clinic treats thin lips with dermal fillers. The fillers we use are clear, biodegradable gels with a hydraulic acid base, a naturally occurring substance in the body. As we only use the safest and highest quality equipment and products, we opt to use Juvederm Vycross and Ultra range.

During the procedure, the filler gel is injected in minimal amounts using a very thin needle or cannula. Instant results can be seen, although to a more extreme measure than the final look, as lips will appear swollen immediately after the treatment. The end result is a safe, natural-looking lip enhancement that lasts up to six to nine months.

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