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Zinzino Supplements

Here at Face Medical Clinic, we take the wellbeing of our patients extremely seriously, which is why we are so excited to tell you about the amazing Zinzino range. These test-based breakthrough supplements from Scandinavia are all about building your immune system and getting naturally improved results all round. With these groundbreaking supplements, you can achieve the improved health and improved skin you’ve always wanted by looking after your body from the inside out.

Our ethos at Face Medical Clinic is to put the wellbeing of our patients first, without exception. We offer a range of high-quality supplements to take care of all of your body’s needs. Our team of medical specialists can help you start your journey and decide which products will work best for you.

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All of the Zinzino supplements are designed for your continuous use at home. With a blend of supplements in oil, tablet and powder form, these were created for simple and easy to follow instructions to ensure you always get the best results. Before you begin to use the balance oil there is a simple spot blood test to take which will measure your omega 3 index. After four months of using the balance oil, you are retested to demonstrate the effectiveness of the oil. Some of our favourite and most popular products from the range include:

Balance Oil

The Zinzino Balance Oil was created by Danish experts to increase the overall wellbeing of its users by studying the immune system and the impact of fish oils. High in Omega 3 (EPA + DHA), olive polyphenols and vitamin D3 to protect cells from rusting (oxidation) and adjust the body’s Omega 6:3 balance, the Balance Oil helps promote normal brain function, heart function and the immune system, reducing inflammation which is one of the causes of degenerative diseases.


The Xtend capsules are a vegan supplement used to build the body’s immune system. It contains micro- and phytonutrients, including 22 essential vitamins and minerals for maximum results and is perfectly suited for use alongside the Zinzino Balance Oil. To get the same amount of all these nutrients naturally, you would have to eat more than 3000 calories of the most nutrient-dense foods every day!


The Zinzino Zinobiotic is a supplement powder that can be easily added into a smoothie or shake of your choice or simply added to water. Made with a blend of five natural dietary fibres, the Zinobiotic encourages the growth of friendly bacteria to promote healthy metabolism, help minimise any bloating and balance cholesterol levels.


Viva is a natural dietary supplement designed to relieve stress, improve mood and increase feelings of wellbeing to help decrease feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Made with patented extract of saffron stigmas (affron®), five B-vitamins, iodine and vitamin C to naturally improve your body’s resilience.

Given the ease of the Zinzino range, you are provided with all of the tools you need to take control of your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home. If you need any further advice or help, we will always be on hand here at Face Medical Clinic in Heywood or click here to purchase these Supplements online.

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How much do Zinzino products cost?

The supplements are run on a 6 monthly subscription. Prices vary and further information may be obtained by contacting the clinic.

What are the benefits of the Zinzino range?

The Zinzino range is extremely beneficial to both your immune system and your overall wellbeing. Once you start using these products, your skin and body will see and feel a difference once the supplements have been successfully incorporated into your routine.