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Keeping hormone levels balanced in the body is imperative for the prevention of a variety of conditions, and at Face Medical  it is our goal to replenish our patients’ hormones and bring them into optimum balance, health and energy.

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Women’s Health

Menopause is a transition of life for all women. This “change”, which relates to the end of a woman’s fertility should be easily managed by the body. This isn’t always the case in today’s world, due to environmental issues, poor nutrition and a lack of essential minerals, which means in some cases the body is unable to balance itself.

When we enter the menopause, the balance of our hormones is changing from a child-bearing role to a health-enhancing role where the reproductive hormones are no longer needed. We have hormone receptors on almost every organ in the body which are essential for our health and wellbeing.

Symptoms of menopause transition

Symptoms can begin at as early as 35 years old, but are more likely to come to light in a woman’s mid to late forties, and the length and time of these symptoms can vary from woman to woman.

Through a simple blood test we can determine which hormones you are deficient in and prescribe bespoke bio- identical hormone therapy (BHRT) medicine.

Premenopause and perimenopause

Premenopause is pretty self explanatory, and can last for up to 10 years, and ends one year after your last menstrual cycle, which is the official start of the menopause. Perimenopause literally means “around the time of the menopause”, and is used interchangeably with premenopause.

Symptoms include:

  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Anger and irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Hot flushes
  • Memory loss
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
  • Anaemia
  • Weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Fluid retention
  • Breast tenderness
  • Aches and painful joints
  • Frequent headaches
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido


If ya woman hasn’t any menstrual flow for over a year, and your ovaries have become inactive, then she is postmenopausal. Postmenopausal symptoms are similar to those above, but with a few more to look out for:

  • Hot flushes and night sweats
  • Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
  • Changes in mood
  • Feeling depressed or overtired
  • Difficulty concentrating or poor memory
  • Changes to the vagina, such as dryness, discomfort, itching and pain during sex
  • Loss of interest in sex (loss of libido)
  • Urinary problems – such as recurrent urinary tract infections, loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence)
  • Joint aches and pains.

Treating all stages of menopause at Face Medical Clinic

Every woman is unique, just like her hormones! At Face Medical Clinic, our experienced team led by Deborah Vines can create a bespoke hormone replenishment plan tailored to each patient after a thorough consultation.

Men’s Health

It is a common misconception that hormones are not as important for men as they are for women. Andropause is the male equivalent of menopause and has become more openly discussed in the media in recent years. Men may experience a loss of energy, libido and drive, and may feel a bit lost or start to question aspects of their lives.

At the Face Medical Clinic in Heywood, we can offer our patients bio-identical hormone therapy, which are very beneficial to patients who have a hormone imbalance or have experienced undesired side effects with other hormonal medications, including HRT.

To find out more about how we treat hormone imbalances at Face Medical Clinic in Greater Manchester, why not contact our expert clinic team today?