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rosacea treatment - Control TacticsHaving red and flushed skin on our face, commonly known as rosacea, can have a huge impact on confidence. It’s a tricky problem to deal with on a daily basis, which is why so many of us simply cope with the issue by covering it up with make-up.

Well, now’s the time to take control. Control Tactics™ is easy-to-use and add into your daily regime. With clinically proven ingredients to help not only soothe the skin but also calm the redness – you’ll wonder why you’ve struggled for so long!


Red and flushed skin occurs when the skin on your face becomes inflamed and the capillaries become dilated. The cause of this can be sensitivity to a number of factors such as UV, food or extreme weather. This sensitivity can cause excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS, also known as free radicals), which damage healthy cells and protein in your skin, and further exasperate the inflammation and capillary dilation.

Rosacea Treatment in Manchester!

Our clinic in Heywood, Greater Manchester offers this fantastic treatment for rosacea. It really is an all round solution for redness control – simply apply the gel to cleansed skin. Don’t Be So Sensitive™ is great for use alongside Control Tactics as it’s a gentle cleanser that’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Control Tactics combines a special peptide, antioxidants, and natural soothing and hydrating medigrade ingredients in a non-oily, light gel that absorbs quickly into the skin, so it’s easy to incorporate into your daily regime.

The peptide ingredients help to visibly reduce the redness of your skin, while anti-oxidant ingredients help to protect the skin by combatting the reactive oxygen species that are released as part of the inflammatory response. Beta glucan and arnica also help by naturally soothing and calming the skin. All the while hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid help to retain the skin’s natural moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth.

You can also use Control Tactics to take down redness and soothe the skin after an aesthetic procedure – call for further advice or to make an appointment.