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Profhilo Treatment Oldham

Face Medical Clinic offers people in Oldham and other parts of Greater Manchester a chance to restore the youthful radiance of their skin through Profhilo Treatment.

As we age, our skin tends to look dry and develop wrinkles, dulling what used to be a radiant complexion. 

We offer a natural, non-invasive way of getting rid of these wrinkles at Face Medical. The Profhilo treatment we offer in Oldham is based on a cream made using hyaluronic acid extracted from the Salvia Haenkei plant.   

At the heart of successful treatment is an in-depth consultation with our in-house cosmetic nurse Deborah Vines. Through this we will come up with a bespoke treatment plan that takes into account your unique needs.

Contact us on 01706 691683 to arrange your consultation with Deborah and get started on the rejuvenation of your looks. Alternatively, email with any query you may have and we’ll get back promptly.

Bespoke consultation

Consultation will begin with a thorough analysis of your skin by Deborah, a highly experienced cosmetic practitioner. It will include an interview in which she will seek to establish your desires or the goals you hope to achieve from the treatment. During this consultation we will also get to know about your medical background to see which form of treatment will be most suited to you.

Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo treatment in Oldham mainly involves applying the ProfhiloHaenkenium Cream the recommended number of times daily. The cream works to form a protective layer on the skin that keeps out pollutants that can aggravate the skin as well as harmful free radicals. Effects of this treatment include:

  • Curb harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays 
  • Boost elasticity in skin while making it firmer
  • Slow down effects of ageing on the skin
  • Keep the skin hydrated and radiant
  • Helping skin that has been exposed to other kinds of cosmetic treatment heal faster.

Effects of Treatment

As mentioned earlier, Face Medical’s Profhilo treatment is based on a cream whose key ingredient is the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. In some rare cases there may be mild, temporary irritation on the skin but there are typically no long term negative effects. 

Send us any queries you may have on email or go ahead and call us to book a consultation session.