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Profhilo Treatment Bury

Profhilo treatment can help Bury residents restore their natural good looks in a natural way.

Wrinkles and lines begin to form on our faces, necks and arms with age because of the decreased generation of our body’s skin-rejuvenating substances. At Face Medical Clinic, we offer people in Bury Profhilo, an innovative skin treatment formula that naturally gets rid of the signs of ageing.

You will have nothing to worry about in terms of side effects as the treatment is done using naturally occurring substances. 

Treatment begins with an extensive consultation so as to establish a bespoke course of treatment to achieve your desired results. The treatment is administered by injection in a quick and relatively painless process. 

We pride ourselves in offering our patients full aftercare support whenever they need it. 

Give us a call today on 01706 691683 to get more information on Profhilo treatment in our clinic near Bury. Or you can find directions to our clinic here.

The procedure

This is what patients can expect when they come to Face Medical Clinic for Profhilo treatment.

In-depth consultation

All treatment begins with an in-depth consultation with our aesthetics team. During this session we will do an assessment of your skin’s condition to determine the most ideal course of treatment. You will also be able to express any expectations you have of the treatment at this point so that they can be aligned with what is actually achievable.

The treatment

The treatment is done by essentially injecting the Profihilo formula into the affected area of the skin. The formula is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance. It fights against wrinkles and lines by boosting the skin’s ability to generate collagen and elastin- proteins that work to rejuvenate cells. Four weeks after the first dose you will return for review and the second installment of the treatment.

You will enjoy the results of the treatment for six months before you have to go in for a new round of Profhilo treatment in Bury. We provide patients with aftercare advice to ensure the results of the treatment are sustained for a long time.

Visit our clinic to book your consultation or call us on 01706 691683.