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Polynucleotide Treatment Manchester

Polynucleotide Treatment Manchester


At Face Medical Clinic, we offer revolutionary polynucleotide treatment near Manchester tailored to enhance skin elasticity, improve skin health, boost collagen production, refine skin texture and rejuvenate your skin.

If polynucleotides sound too good to be true, we can assure the hype is justified. Whether you’re looking to enhance the under-eye area, combat wrinkles and signs of ageing or want to achieve a more youthful appearance – our expert team at Face Medical Clinic Manchester is here to help you achieve your skincare goals.

Book an appointment at our cutting-edge Manchester clinic today and experience the transformative power of our polynucleotides treatment tailored just for you.

Call 01706 691683 or email info@facemedical.co.uk to find out more about our cosmetic dermatology at our clinic near Manchester or to make an appointment for a free skin consultation.


What is polynucleotide treatment?

This treatment is based on nucleic acid technology, which is being used to transform skin care through the use of injectable molecules called polynucleotides (which are generated from DNA).

Polynucleotides promote tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis and cellular repair. In aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology, these injectables are becoming more and more popular because they efficiently cure a variety of skin conditions. These can include decreasing fine lines, wrinkles and scars, enhancing skin elasticity and hydration, and addressing ageing concerns.


How do polynucleotides work?

Polynucleotides provide complete skin renewal by increasing the synthesis of collagen over time. This in turn improves the firmness, elasticity and general texture of the skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles progressively disappear, and inconsistencies in pigmentation and scars get better. So you can say goodbye to dark circles and redness.

Skin looks more moisturised, radiant and rejuvenated, however, aftercare is essential to maximise the outcomes. This usually entails mild skincare regimens, steering clear of harsh treatments and prolonged sun exposure.


What are the benefits?


Enhanced skin elasticity

Because polynucleotides induce wound-healing actions, they can also aid with complexion and scarring as well as fine lines and wrinkles.


Increased collagen production

Polynucleotides stimulate the fibroblast cells that produce collagen when they are injected into the skin.


Improved skin quality

The release of healthy collagen improves skin tone and firmness, as well as improving skin laxity and hydration.


Overall skin rejuvenation

Polynucleotides are among the most potent therapies in regenerative medicine. They have ingredients that set off the body’s self-healing and repair processes.


How is the procedure different from dermal fillers? 

Unlike fillers, polynucleotides do not include hyaluronic acid. They are composed of biopolymers, which are pliable molecules derived from DNA fragments.

Although polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid fillers are not the same, they can complement each other extremely effectively, giving you both a short-term and long-term boost when used in tandem.


What areas can be treated with polynucleotide injections? Polynucleotide Treatment Manchester

Polynucleotides can efficiently treat a variety of facial areas, including the lips, forehead, cheeks, and around the eyes, reducing fine wrinkles and improving the quality of the skin.

They also help with body treatments, focusing on the hands, décolletage, and neck to rejuvenate skin and encourage the synthesis of collagen for a smoother appearance.


How long does it take for treatment at your Manchester clinic to work?

The results from polynucleotides may take a matter of weeks to months to show for our Manchester patients, depending on how quickly your body adjusts to the therapy.

Results can also vary depending on the ailment being treated, the frequency of injections and your individual circumstances.


How much are polynucleotide treatments in Manchester?

Treatment at our clinic in Manchester costs £225 for each area treated. We suggest two to three treatments spaced three to four weeks apart, depending on the results of your consultation.


About polynucleotides at Face Medical Manchester

For more than 20 years, the NHS has used polynucleotides to help mend scar tissue, damaged skin, and wounds. Ameela’s polynucleotides are among the most highly concentrated available on the market, which is why we at Face Medical near Manchester use this range.

Polynucleotides are a sought-after treatment for people who want skin that looks more youthful and refreshed due to their exceptional capacity to improve skin texture, tone and vitality.

We love seeing how satisfied our Manchester patients are with this treatment. Book a free consultation with us today and see how this treatment could work for you.

We are one of the top clinics in Greater Manchester for aesthetic treatments for the face and body. No matter the skin treatment, we assist men and women in achieving outstanding results.


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