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Lip Fillers Rochdale

The Face Medical Beauty Clinic, based in Rochdale, offers high quality, natural and safe lip fillers treatment to ensure your pout remains timeless and beautiful.  

Boasting a wealth of experience in the aesthetic nursing field, we are dedicated to enhancing the looks of our Rochdale customers safely.

The lip filler products we use are carefully chosen based on their adherence to rigorous safety standards.

You can rest assured that the lip filler treatment you receive will last long but leave no lasting side effects.

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How our Lip Filler Treatment Works

All our Rochdale clients can look forward to treatments done using the Juvederm Vycross and Ultra and Belotero range of lip fillers.

They are clear gels based on hyaluronic acid, a natural, biodegradable substance.

Our highly trained nurses administer these fillers carefully using fine needles in a way that induces negligible pain.

Within 30 minutes or less you will be done with the procedure.

The effect of the treatment is immediate, and you will enjoy your fuller lips without fear of any untoward side effects.

At first, you will experience some redness and a bit of a burning sensation, but this wears off 24 to 28 hours after treatment.

After that you will be able to enjoy your new looks for between six months and a year, sometimes even longer.

You are assured of getting the treatment that will produce the best results for you as treatment will be guided by the analysis from your bespoke consultation.

The lip fillers administered to our Rochdale patients are chosen after careful inspection of the skin surface. This consultation is free of charge.

There are several other types of treatment you can seek at Face Medical Beauty clinics.

We deal with common skin problems brought about by ageing and skin conditions.

Our natural products deal with the effects of dermatitis, acne and spots, pigmentation, rosacea, wrinkled and saggy skin.

Visit our Rochdale clinic and get your natural lip fillers administered by certified professionals.

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