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Lip Fillers Middleton

 Middleton residents looking to restore their natural good looks with lip fillers should get in touch with Face Medical Clinic today.

lip filler treatment

FULL AND FABULOUS: How lip fillers can enhance your features

Over the years, many clients have trusted us to perform various kinds of restorative procedures to great effect.

Whether you need treatment for saggy facial skin, acne, dermatitis or pigmentation, we have what you’re looking for.

Contact us today on 01706 691683 or tell us more about yourself and what you need through this online form.

Lip Fillers you can trust

 We only use the best quality lip filler products; currently we use Juvederm Vycross and JuvedermUltra Range as well as the Belotero Range of dermal fillers. These are products based on a natural substance called hyaluronic acid. They are also known for being crystal clear and for the level of safety they provide.

Quick and Painless Lip Fillers

 Middleton residents will discover that application of lip fillers is a quick and mostly pain-free affair. It is done using ultra fine needles in a process that takes 30 minutes on average. A local anaesthetic within the dermal filler gel goes a long way to reducing any pain associated with the process.

No side effects

 Since they are based on a natural substance, our lip fillers guarantee clients in Middleton no lasting side effects. In the course of time they are naturally absorbed the body.

Immediately following treatment there might be a bit of swelling and redness around the lips accompanied by a mild burning sensation. But this goes down a day or two later.

Lasting Results with our Lip Fillers

 Even up to a year following treatment you will be able to enjoy the results of the lip fillers done at our clinic close to Middleton.

The treatment is not permanent as the gel is naturally absorbed by the body over time. You can opt for another round of treatment thereafter, as most of our patients do.

Give us a call today on 01706 691683 to get more information on the lip fillers you can be treated with at Face Medical clinic.  Or send us your particulars via our online form.