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Lip Fillers Manchester

If you are a Manchester resident looking for a place you can get your lip fillers done in a safe, natural way, choose Face Medical. lip filler in manchester

We offer a variety of treatments that fight the effects of ageing, and some skin conditions we can restore your beauty.

Send us a message online, and we will respond with more information about lip fillers and other products offered at our Manchester clinic. Or talk to us on 01706 691683.

Why Face Medical for Lips Fillers in Manchester?

Face Medical is an easy choice for many seeking to enhance or restore their facial beauty and here is why:

  • We use only top quality products that are natural and safe. The dermal fillers we use- JuvedermVycross and Ultra range and the Belotero range are clear, biodegradable gels extracted from a natural substance.
  • You, therefore, have nothing to worry about as regards side effects. Apart from the natural swelling and redness on the areas where treatment has been administered, you won’t have to deal with any irreversible damage. This swelling will wear off within 24 to 48 hours.
  • The effect of the lip filler treatment, however, lasts for a long time. Some of our Manchester patients enjoy their enhanced looks even more than a year after their lip fillers were administered. Typically it will be at least six months before you need to come back to us for a touch-up.
  • When you come to Face Medical, you are coming to a reputable clinic run by a highly experienced and qualified aesthetic nurse. The team behind the clinic is equally experienced and committed to offering quality care. Face Medical itself is fully registered and is an accredited Save Face clinic.
  • Free consultation– Our treatment is based on the results of a unique skin analysis done for free.

Lip filler Administration

 Many of our Manchester patients come to us for lip fillers and cheek enhancements.

We administer these products using our natural range of dermal fillers. The process involves injecting the gel using a fine needle.

Such a procedure ordinarily takes less than an hour.

Call us today on 01706 691683 or contact us online to begin the journey to restoring your beauty naturally.