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Lip Fillers Littleborough

 Restore your lovely youthful looks by getting Lip Fillers in our clinic close to Littleborough.

We provide a range of revitalising treatments designed to deal with different conditions.

lip filler treatment

FULL AND FABULOUS: How lip fillers can enhance your features

If you have a problem with the lips Mother Nature gave you, you can opt for our safe dermal fillers.

They leave practically no side effects as they are based on a natural substance yet the treatment will last for a while – between six months and a year.

Browse our site to see more age-defying treatments our clinic for you or talk to our friendly representatives on 01706 691683. You can also mail us or fill our online form.

How are lip fillers applied?

 A gel, based on hyaluronic acid, is injected into the skin in small amounts using a tiny needle or cannula. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is biodegradable. This process does not take long- in half an hour it should be done.

To minimise the pain, the needle used is very fine and the gel is infused with a local anaesthetic.

After treatment, what happens?

 Almost immediately after you leave our premises, having rejuvenated your looks with natural lip fillers, the results will begin to show.

You will be able to enjoy your revitalised appearance for between six months and a year. Soon as you notice the effects of the dermal filler wearing off, you can schedule another appointment to reapply the treatment.

Should I worry about side effects?

 Apart from a mild burning sensation and a bit or swelling immediately following the treatment, you have nothing to worry about. Even this inflammation will die down a day or two after treatment.

Being based on a natural substance, the gel is absorbed naturally by the body, leaving less chance for unnatural reactions.

A lot of research has gone into choosing the product brand to use for treatment. The Juvederm Vycross and the Belotero range are known for their great safety record.

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