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Lip Augmentation Bury

Revive your youthful looks with a lip augmentation procedure in Bury.

At the Face Medical Clinic, in Heywood so a short journey from Bury, we assure you of courteous, professional and highly personalised service right from the moment you arrive.

The same standards of service will be maintained throughout, even well after you have returned to your Bury residence having undergone your lip augmentation procedure. Lip Augmentation Bury

Our high standards also apply to the products we offer. We only treat patients with products that have a proven safety record and which have been found to be highly effective. You can read more on our ethos here, including why founder Deborah Vines set up the Face Medical Clinic.

Get in touch with us today online to book your consultation and begin the journey to reviving your natural looks the natural way.

Give us a call on 01706 691683 if you would prefer to discuss your treatment options with our friendly representatives.

Lip Augmentation Bury – The Procedure


Getting lip augmentation is simpler and less painful than many a Bury resident may have imagined. After getting a treatment plan prescribed by our aesthetic nurse during a bespoke consultation session, you will be scheduled for administration of the lip filler.

This process takes just about 30 minutes and involves injecting the area with the chosen product with a very fine needle, or a cannula. 

The product

We use products of the Juvederm Vycross and Juvederm Ultra range which are renowned within the industry for their efficacy and for having no side effects. They produce no side effects because they’re based on a clear gel extracted from hyaluronic acid – a substance produced naturally by the body.

The effects

The beauty-enhancing effects of the treatment will be visible almost immediately after administration of the product.

They will last for up to a whole year, depending on which product from the range you choose.

You need not fear side effects as the product is based on a natural substance. And we will be there for you whenever you need assistance or information after treatment.

Ring us up today on 01706 691683 to book your consultation or find out more about our lip augmentation centre near Bury. 

  • To find us, visit our map page or punch OL10 1AA into your sat nav.