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Laser Hair Removal Bury

Laser Hair Removal Bury


At Face Medical Clinic, we provide cutting-edge laser hair removal treatments near Bury, meticulously crafted to markedly diminish undesired hair growth. Our skilled team employs the most advanced technology and techniques, ensuring your safety and delivering effective results.

Bid farewell to unwanted hair growth and welcome the joy of smooth, hair-free skin through our highly efficient laser hair removal services near Bury.


Face Medical Clinic is located in Heywood, approximately a 20-minute drive from the heart of Bury. You can reach out to us on 01706 691683 or via email at Read more about our laser hair removal treatments.

Bury clients can benefit from complimentary consultations at our clinic and rest safe in the knowledge that we’re registered with the Care Quality Commission. We’re open from Mondays to Saturdays, offering evening appointments throughout the week.


Why Choose Laser Hair Removal Over Other Hair Reduction Methods

Laser hair removal can be far more convenient than regular shaving, waxing or plucking. Our treatments offer enduring results, providing you with silky-smooth skin for the long haul.

We use advanced laser technology to precisely target the hair follicles, efficiently diminishing their growth and leaving your skin beautifully smooth.


Permanent Laser Hair Removal near Bury


Laser technology offers a safe and precise method for eliminating undesired hair by directly focusing on the hair follicles. This targeted approach ensures effective treatment.

As a result of the permanent damage inflicted on the hair follicles, their ability to generate new hair is permanently halted. While new follicles may form and lead to some subsequent hair growth, those subjected to laser hair removal are permanently destroyed.


Laser Hair Removal – What You Need to Know

Laser hair removal works in two ways: firstly, it interrupts the natural hair growth cycle, leading to hair loss, and secondly, it hinders the generation of new hair.

Our laser employs an intense beam of light directed at the skin’s surface. Upon application, it is absorbed by the hair’s pigment (melanin), transforming into heat and inflicting damage on the follicles – the tube-shaped sacs located at the hair’s base within the skin.


Can You Have Hair Removal Treatments Anywhere On Your Body?

Our laser hair removal services cater to both facial and body areas, providing a flexible solution for all your hair removal preferences. Whether you aim to eliminate unwanted facial hair or attain smooth legs and a tidy bikini area, our treatments prioritise safety and customisation to meet your specific needs.

While laser treatments are generally compatible with a variety of skin tones and hair types, we do advise patients to have a complimentary consultation before proceeding with laser hair removal. This allows our experts to evaluate your skin’s condition thoroughly and suggest the most suitable treatment plan tailored specifically for you.


How much does laser hair removal cost near Bury?

The total cost for your treatment will depend upon the treatment area’s size and the number of sessions needed.

You can view the various costs and price packages on offer at Face Medical Clinic here.


Can Laser Hair Removal Damage Your Skin?

When performed by skilled professionals, laser hair removal poses no risk of skin damage. This technique is well-established and the technology employed in this cosmetic procedure has undergone thorough testing, confirming its safety.


Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? Laser Hair Removal Bury

Laser hair removal is typically painless, though the level of comfort can vary based on the treated area. Many of our Bury clients describe the sensation as similar to the gentle pull of an elastic band on the skin.


How Long Will I Need to Recover From Laser Hair Removal?

Our laser hair removal treatment near Bury has minimal downtime, allowing patients to promptly resume their daily routines. While some individuals may experience slight redness post-treatment, it typically subsides shortly after.


How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

Achieving comprehensive treatment of hair follicles in a targeted area often requires multiple sessions. The number of follicles and the size of the treatment area play a significant role in determining the optimal number of treatment sessions for the best results.

Patients typically undergo around six procedures before seeing noticeable results. Anticipate a hair growth reduction ranging from 10% to 25% between treatments. To align with the hair growth cycle and facilitate effective skin recovery, we recommend that sessions be strategically scheduled every four to six weeks.


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