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Dermalux Manchester

Dermalux Manchester


If there’s one treatment that can rejuvenate your skin naturally and painlessly, it’s Dermalux – provided by Face Medical Clinic in Heywood near Manchester.

This non-invasive procedure involves using light therapy to stimulate skin cells and boost collagen and elastin production. Our Manchester clients can take advantage of a complimentary skin consultation before deciding to go ahead with Dermalux treatment.


Call 01706 691683 or email to get in touch with our friendly skin care team. As well as LED light therapy, we provide a full range of clinically proven treatments for most skin types and even sensitive skin conditions.


What are the benefits of light therapy?

Dermalux LED light therapy in Manchester is a non-invasive treatment that can be used on all skin types. It provides corrective and lasting improvement to a variety of skin conditions.

  • Brightens a tired complexion
  • Suitable for even the most sensitive skins
  • Visibly radiant, refined skin
  • Pain-free

For radiant skin, Dermalux is the ultimate treatment to achieve optimum results through its skin rejuvenation technology.


How does LED Phototherapy work?

Dermalux harnesses the power of different clinically proven wavelengths of light. These include red, blue and near-infrared light to target specific skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation and the common signs of ageing.

Light therapy is powerful enough to penetrate the skin at varying depths which triggers cellular processes that can repair skin damage.


The real results you can expect with Dermalux treatment in Manchester

Dermalux light therapy is an effective treatment that’s versatile enough to address various skin issues, including acne, rosacea, fine lines, and wrinkles.

These are just a few of the reasons why our Manchester patients choose Dermalux LED light therapy:

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Can work on inflammatory disorders
  • Helps to repair sun damage
  • Suitable for treating acne

Unlike invasive treatments, Dermalux is gentle on the skin with no downtime or discomfort. LED light therapy has been backed by scientific research and is proven to be a safe treatment that delivers visible effects even after just one treatment.


How long should the results from Dermalux LED Therapy last?

Dermalux Manchester

Dermalux treatment offers long-lasting results, but these will depend on how many treatment sessions you undergo.

The effects can last for months, but we’d recommend booking regular top-up sessions to maintain the effects of this award-winning treatment.

You can expect to see immediate skin rejuvenation results, however, as this treatment causes cellular processes to work in the deeper layers of your skin, the full benefits may not be seen until 6 weeks after treatment.


How much does Dermalux LED treatment cost in Manchester?

LED light therapy with Dermalux tri wave technology costs £35 per session at Face Medical near Manchester, or £250 for a course of ten Dermalix treatments.


Can I wear make-up after the treatment?

It’s perfectly safe to apply make-up and carry on as normal immediately after your LED phototherapy session. However, we do recommend wearing SPF 50 or higher on your face to protect your skin.


Top-rated Manchester clinic

The Face Medical Clinic has been helping Manchester clients for almost 20 years, during which time we have built a reputation for superb treatments and customer satisfaction.

Located just a 20-minute drive from Manchester, we’re in a convenient spot to help our patients get the wellbeing treatments they deserve.


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