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Dermal Fillers Manchester

If you live in Manchester and want to revitalise your face, you need dermal fillers from Manchester’s Face Medical Beauty Clinic.

dermal filler injection in manchester

INJECTABLE: Dermal filler Restylane being injected

Here you will receive treatment from highly qualified practitioners and enjoy the personalised, VIP service that you deserve.

Get in touch with us on 01706 69168 or send us a message online and we will be get back to you promptly with information about dermal filler treatment in Manchester or to confirm your booking.

 There is a wide range of ways in which Manchester residents can take advantage of dermal fillers to treat skin conditions and bring out your natural beauty.

Lip enhancement and filling out the nose to mouth and lip to chin lines are some of the uses of dermal fillers. But all treatments have one objective in common to remove the signs of sagging, ageing skin and rejuvenate your looks.

How do dermal fillers work?

Gel, made up of clear, biodegradable molecules of hyaluronic acid, is injected directly into the chosen area using a fine needle.

It is a largely painless process because of the needle’s fineness and the local anaesthetic contained in the injected solution.

We will only need half an hour of your time to administer this treatment, and you will be on your way.

Note however that the filler will be absorbed six months to a year from the time you receive the first injection, so further treatment will be later necessary to maintain your enhanced appearance.

Other skin beauty treatments

We offer you only the best skin treatments performed with precision using the latest technology to cater for a broad range of skin ailments. The Dermalux LED will restore the shine to your skin and get rid of skin faults  – within just one session. People have been using the healing properties of LED light to give skin a healthy glow for over a century but this form of treatment has only been recently approved for public use. Another form of skin treatment is the Endymed 3Deep Machine which regenerates your collagen.

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