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Dermal Fillers Bury

Restore your youthful looks by treating your face with dermal fillers at Face Medical Beauty Clinic, just minutes away from Bury.

Here you will get dermal filler treatment using the best quality products that have a proven safety record.

Our dermal fillers are based on a natural substance so you have nothing to fear in terms of side effects. When it comes to the procedure, it is quick and virtually pain-free but you will enjoy the results of this rejuvenating treatment for a long time.

Call 01706 691683 to find out more about our range of treatments and which can be of benefit to you.

Why choose dermal fillers

 "Dermal filler treatment"We administer dermal fillers to people from Bury and other parts of Greater Manchester for specific needs.

We recommend our range of dermal filler products for those who want to undergo lip or cheek enhancement.

They are also used to perform chin restoration and remove peri-oral, nose-to-mouth and lip-to-chin lines that are often a by-product of ageing. Dermal fillers consequently are popular for aiding an appearance of youthfulness

How we administer dermal fillers

 The first step in treatment is to undergo a unique skin analysis, which forms part of the bespoke consultation we offer every client.

Having taken a closer look at your skin, we will be able to determine a suitable course of treatment.

Pain Free Dermal Filler Treatment

The procedure itself is quick and relatively pain-free. Using a very fine needle or cannula, a gel, based on hyaluronic acid, a natural substance is injected into the skin.

The gel contains a local anaesthetic solution, which helps minimise pain. But in 30 minutes or less the procedure should be done and you will begin to see the results instantly.

Are there any side effects?

It will take at least six months for the dermal filler to begin wearing off, and for some, this could take up to a year.

Many patients opt to receive additional treatment before it wears off.

The filler being based on a natural substance you have nothing to worry about with regards to side effects.

Visit our centre, just 10 minutes away from Bury, to find out how dermal fillers can be beneficial to you.

Call us on 01706 691683 for further details.