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Chemical Peels Bolton

"Chemical Peels Bolton"If you live in Bolton, and are looking for younger-looking, firmer skin, then consider having a chemical peel.

Chemical peels have helped our Bolton customers reduce surface wrinkles, iron out superficial blemishes and reduce the appearance of acne scarring.

We are qualified and trained in the administration of face peels for Bolton clients, so phone us now on 01706 691683 for more information about chemical peels or to book an appointment.

Chemical Peels Bolton – the Facts

Chemical peels are not a full face lift and cannot reverse the ageing of our Bolton customers, but they do help our Bolton clients substantially improve their facial appearance and confidence.

Acids have been used throughout history from fruits, vinegar etc to enhance appearance, and chemical peels merely isolate these active ingredients into solutions for anyone in Bolton looking for improved facial appearance.

Types of Chemical Peels For Bolton Customers

Bolton clients can take advantage of a Salycilic or Glycolic face peel.

Salicylic acid chemical peels are easily absorbed by most of our Bolton customers, and improve skin tone, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and excising whiteheads and blackheads.

Glycolid acid peel is the mildest form of exfoliating peel for our Bolton clients, being a mild chemical solution that excises dead cells from the surface layer of skin, producing a brighter, more radiant facial appearance.

Why choose Face Medical for Bolton Chemical Peels?

We are recognised specialists within Bolton for chemical skin peels and associated treatments; we pride ourselves on providing the ideal peel for our Bolton patient’s unique skin combination.

Face Peel treatments Bolton – How long and are they safe?

Normally chemical peel treatments take about 45 minutes. A complete course for Bolton customers, namely, supplemented with Vitamin E cream and sun protection cream, takes ten weeks – four weeks of peels and six weeks of skin regeneration, sometimes for Bolton clients includes a two week course of skin preparation.

Our Bolton clients have found our chemical peels to be perfectly safe, reporting nothing more serious than a mild stinging sensation during the treatment, which is only temporary.

How much do Chemical Peels Bolton cost?

Our skin peels for Bolton customers start at £75 rising to £100 depending on the type of peel you require – a small price to buy for such a significant improvement in appearance.

For the best chemical peels in Bolton area, call us today on 01706 691683