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Anti-wrinkle treatments in Manchester that are Safe and Effective

Many people in Manchester of a certain age worry about the effects of ageing on their skin and would benefit greatly from Anti-wrinkle treatment.

However, many people in Manchester are equally worried about what Botulinum Toxin might do to them.

This is unnecessary. When you get your Anti-wrinkle treatments done by Face Medical Clinic, it’s safe, effective and well-priced.

Botox in ManchesterNot that we should put a price on looking our best. The rewards of regaining confidence or looking more youthful are priceless in themselves.

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If you’re new to Anti-wrinkle treatment in Manchester, then understandably you may have heard of the great benefits for your face but may be wondering about what is really is, and how it works…read on

Anti-wrinkle Treatment Manchester: What is it?

Anti-wrinkle treatments is the one of the best non-surgical treatments available in Manchester to treat ageing signs. This a pure form of botulinum toxin which helps to block nerve signals which cause wrinkles and lines to reduce. The toxin is Injected it into your muscles which produce a relaxation of these muscles to stop lines forming. 

What areas can be treated?

Botulinum Toxin is most commonly used as a non-surgical way to treat the signs of ageing, to treat wrinkles on the top third of the face. 

How long will your Anti-wrinkle treatment last for?

Anti-wrinkle treatments will make you look more youthful and beautiful for a set period of time. These improvements are clearly visible after only 7 to 10 days. And, you will see a radical improvement in your facial lines after only a fortnight. 

This marked improvement will last – usually – about 3-4 months, then you need to revisit your Anti-wrinkle Manchester Clinician for follow-up treatment. 

How many visits will I need to my Manchester Anti-wrinkle treatment clinic?

You can revisit your Manchester clinician as many times as you need. Really, it varies from one person to another. Some people only need to visit 3 times a year for long lasting effects. Some patients notice a longer lasting effect after a few treatment sessions and feel they only need around three a year. Others may come at regular 3 month intervals.

How long will treatments take?

The beauty of Anti-wrinkle treatments is they are quick and simple with great benefits, taking a mere 10-15 minutes out of your time. 

Can everyone have Anti-wrinkle treatments?

Virtually anyone in Manchester can get the benefits of Anti-wrinkle treatments but there are some exceptions, which are: people with skin disease or skin infections on their face, breast feeding clients, known sensitivities to Botulinum Toxin or people taking certain antibiotics. 

What side effects will I get from Anti-wrinkle treatments?

Botulinum Toxin has become so widespread due to the lack of any serious side-effects. On occasions, people can get minor swellings at the injection site, or minor bruising, but nothing that can’t be temporarily concealed by make up. Some clients can experience mild headaches or flu-like symptoms for a day or so which can easily be treated with paracetamol 

How much will my Manchester Botox treatment cost?

Anti-wrinkle treatments are priced on areas, starting from £165 for one area, £195 for two and £225 for three areas. 

Why choose Face Medical Clinic for my treatment?

We are a specialist Anti-wrinkle treatment Clinic who are highly expert and trained, who see patients from throughout the region. 

It is vital that even for such non-surgical treatments that they are performed by a suitably qualified and experienced Clinician.   

If you have any questions, get in touch now by calling:

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We will be happy to answer all of your questions about Anti-wrinkle treatment in Manchester and may be able to arrange a FREE consultation. 

Face Medical Clinic is owned and run by Deborah M Vines, who prides herself on being a qualified and ethical clinician of cosmetic treatments, and always putting the needs of the patient first. 

Deborah has been a Registered General Nurse for 30 years, specialising in Aesthetic treatments for the past 19 years, and has specialist training in the use of injection treatments, dermal fillers, and facial peels.