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Acne Treatment Rochdale

Acne can sap your confidence quite severely, as it can appear overnight and become hard to get rid of. Regain control of your skin’s natural lustre with the BiRetix programme for Spot Control in Rochdale!

BiRetix programme for Acne Treatment in Rochdale

acne treatmentUsing this skincare product, you should notice real changes soon after first using it, as your skin should clear, appear less shiny and feel smooth, soothed and refreshed.

The programme’s essential component is a gel, BiRetix Duo. Described by skin professionals as a leading skincare technology that attacks the cycle of the spot-prone skin. In addition, the complementary BiRetix Micropeel and BiRetix Mask enhance your skin’s natural radiance, leaving it supple and smooth.

For those with spot-prone skin, whiteheads and blackheads, this is the programme for you to regain your confidence!

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How our Acne Treatment Works

The BiRetix programme contains three main facets:

  • It purifies skin that is prone to spots
  • It clears skin, reducing blackheads and spots
  • It cares for skin, leaving it smooth and soft

The components that make up BiRetix Duo come together to offer outstanding results, such as:

  • A combination of unique Vitamin A elements that aid in clarifying of skin and clearing of pores, reducing the emergence of whiteheads and blackheads that often lead to spots
  • A special botanical compound, clinically proven to combat P.acnes, the spot producing bacteria
  • Salicylic acid, used in skin purification and redness reduction

The BiRetix programme’s individual aspects are complementary and act towards a common goal, the clarity of your skin. Both the Micropeel and the Mask work in tandem with BiRetix Duo hand control of your skin back to you, and away from acne and spots.

The BiRetix Micropeel includes a willow bark compound combination as well as actual botanical exfoliants that clear pores and encourage cell regeneration.

The BiRetix Mask features soothing clay mask that is loaded with anti-oxidants, minerals and Vitamin A constituents, clinically proven to clarify skin further, reduce shine and control sebum.

Broken down into two phases, the BiRetix programme for Spot Control acclimatises your skin to the various products before getting to work, clearing your skin of spots.

Between phases, a review will be conducted, assessing changes and advising how to proceed onwards, to beautiful skin.

Make a free of charge appointment with the Face Clinic by calling 01706 691683 or complete our Contact page.