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Acne Treatment Ramsbottom

Get a lasting solution to spots by starting the Face Medical Beauty Clinic’s acne treatment programme.

acne treatmentThe BiRetix spot control programme is designed to fight acne-causing bacteria and keep your skin clear in the long run.

The combination of medically approved products is applied in two stages over a few weeks to restore the natural beauty of your skin without harming it.

Regardless of the cause of their acne or age our treatment programme will help Ramsbottom residents get the glow back in their skin.

The BiRetix spot control works whether you have a mild or more pronounced acne problem.

It is effective in tackling spots at all stages of the sebum-production cycle, keeping your skin clearer for longer.

Take the short journey from Ramsbottom to our acne treatment facility in Lancashire to open a new chapter in the appearance of your skin.

You can also talk to us  on 01706 691683 to find out more about the BiRetix programme.

How our Acne Treatment Works

Our spot control programme works in three ways:

  • It contains a sophisticated botanical complex that has proven effective in combating P.acnes, a bacteria associated with skin blemishes.
  • The products used also contain selected components in Vitamin A that reduce the appearance on spots by working to clear the skin’s pores.
  • The salicylic acid in the treatment regime helps purify the skin and lower inflammation.

Treatment process

The BiRetix spot control regime uses a combination of three products over a 24-week period to get rid of spots and keep the skin clear. Two BiRetix Duo Gels and two BiRetix Masks will be used in conjunction with a BiRetixMicropeel in two stages:

  1. The Initiate & Boost stage that lasts for the first 12 weeks allows your skin to first slowly get used to the products. After your ski has suitably adapted, the intensity of treatment is increased to effectively deal wit the spots.
  2. Your skin will be reviewed after the first phase of treatment before moving into the next stage. The Sustain phase lasts another 12 weeks but is geared at keeping your skin clear. The products here are administered at a much lower intensity than the first phase.

Start the journey back to clear skin by calling us on 01706 691683 or booking your free consultation via email.

Or you could simplymake the short trip from Ramsbottom to beauty clinic in Heywood.