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Acne Treatment Manchester

The BiRetix programme for spot control is a leading acne treatment in Manchester, alleviating any misery one may feel due to spots.

Whiteheads, blackheads, acne or spots can be acquired in unpredictable severities, at whichever age. Due to there being any number of causes, control of the condition may be difficult to maintain.

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BiRitex attacks acne at every level of its development.

The key elements to BiRitex Duo are:

  • Vitamin A elements combined together distinctively aiding in the clearing skin pores, thereby reducing the outbreak of white and blackheads that often result in spots;
  • P.acnes, the spots instigating bacteria, can be fought using the clinically proven plant-based complex found in BiRetix;
  • Skin redness and cleansing can be achieved through the use of Salicylic acid.

A BiRitex Micropeel and Mask support the BiRitex Duo’s actions, in a concerted effort to purify and cleanse your skin of spots.

The BiRetix Regimen for Spot Control

acne treatmentThe process of acquiring pure, clearer skin is not difficult. The spot control programme using BiRetix is made up of easy to understand steps that help skin gain the most from this treatment, with results to show for it.

At the culmination of step one, progress is reviewed with a view of judging results. Following a successful review, step two is initiated, assesing changes to the skin as the steps are applied. This underscores our firm belief that proper skin management using our revolutionary product changes skin for the better, permanently.

Our acne treatment clinic in Manchester offers acne and facial spots sufferers a safe and healthy way to rejuvenate their skin, backed by a team that is professional and dedicated to the best results.

Treatments are consultative between our professionals and yourself, taking into account what is best for your condition and our professional ideas, thereby ensuring you are happy with the process and its results, and we are proud of a job well done.

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