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Acne Treatment Littleborough

There is a place not too far from Littleborough where you can get effective treatment for your acne.

At Face Medical Beauty Clinic we are aware of how much of a hindrance to a healthy self-esteem these unsightly spots can be.

acne treatmentWe offer the tried-and-tested BiRetix spot control programme to people of all ages facing this problem.

Regardless of what the cause of your acne is, or what stage of the production of sebum your skin is in, this regime will potentially deal with all spots effectively.

Working in two stages, each a few weeks long, the BiRetix programme will purify your skin and rid it of blackheads and whiteheads. At the end you will be able to go out with confidence.

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If you have been struggling with acne, blackheads or whiteheads, you are already aware of how difficult skin blemishes can make your life. You may have to scrupulously apply layers of make up before going out every day. Face Medical Beauty Clinic has a proven way of dealing with acne, keeping your skin clear and giving you control over those spots.

How BiRetix works

 The acne treatment programme offers Littleborough residents a three-pronged approach to dealing with skin blemishes:

  1. Fighting P.acnes, the bacteria thought to be responsible for those unsightly spots. A botanical complex in the regime has been proven to work against P.acnes.
  2. Salicylic acid in the treatment regime purifies the skin and helps soothe down inflammation.
  3. Vitamin A components which remove objects that block the skin’s pores as well as clear the skin.

BiRetix programme steps

The BiRetix spot control programme works in two stages as explained below:

  • Week 1-12: Initiate and boost – The skin adjust to the products used in the treatment regime as they are introduced slowly. Thereafter the products are applied with high intensity.
  • Week 13-24: Sustain – Products are applied at lower intensity over a period to keep your skin clear.

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