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Acne Treatment Bury

If you live in Bury and want treatment options for your acne, help is at hand.

Face Medical Beauty Clinic are offering a spot control treatment that produces lasting results after a few weeks.

acne treatment works to treat spots by clearing the skin’s pores and reducing the chances of blackheads and whiteheads appearing. It purifies the skin and fights the bacteria that causes the appearance of skin blemishes.

Working with other products, the ingredients in this treatment will help Bury dwellers get rid of unsightly acne while making your skin clear.

Send us a message or call us on 01706 691683 to find out more about the BiRetix acne course of treatment in Bury.

How BiRetix spot control works 

BiRetix is an effective acne treatment programme that attacks acne and other skin-defacing conditions that trouble Bury residents in the following ways:

  • This treatment formula contains salicylic acid, a component that works to purify the skin and reduce inflammation.
  • It also contains a botanical composition that has been found by experts to fight P.acnes, a type of bacteria thought to cause spots.
  • BiRetix has a number of elements that make up Vitamin A which make the skin clear and clean out its pores. This helps keep blackheads and whiteheads at bay.
  • Used with the ingredient-rich BiRetix mask and Micropeel, this treatment clarifies the skin, brightening your visage and boosting your confidence.

Acne Treatment plan

The BiRetix programme works in two phases, each 12 weeks long. The Initiate & Boost phase goes from week one to week twelve. During this time your body will get used to the product, preparing it for high-intensity treatment that will attack the spots.

Following an intense first 12 weeks, the next phase will involve getting into prolonged treatment in lower doses. This will take another dozen weeks and it will enable the skin to retain its clarity over time.

Begin your acne-free journey today by calling us on 01706 691683 or contacting us online to book your free consultation.