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Neoretin Pigmentation Control

NeoretinSkin pigmentation problems can really affect your confidence.

NeoRetin® has been designed to control the appearance of these by tackling every stage of the melanin production cycle – the cause of pigmentation. Clinical data shows that, not only is it effective at targeting the pigmentation problems that you can see on the surface of your skin, but also what you don’t see happening within it.

So if you want to feel confident in your skin and in control of your pigmentation problems, your journey starts here. We’ll reveal the science behind the range and how you can get the best results from the intense NeoRetin Pigmentation-Control Programme.

How it Works

NeoRetin uses a unique combination of vitamin A ingredients to help increase cell turnover and exfoliation, which speeds up the shedding of the darker skin cells. These ingredients are delivered through the skin using a leading technology to help prolong the activity and bioavailability of the ingredients.

NeoRetin’s Whitening Booster System contains clinically proven brightening and lightening agents that help prevent the development and transfer of melanin at every stage of its production cycle.

The range also includes broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to defend the skin from the negative effects of UV exposure, reduce the production of ROS and help to prevent any further melanin production. Finally, NeoRetin’s moisturising formulation locks moisture into your skin so that it not only looks great, but feels great too.

If you’re ready to tackle your pigmentation head on, then the NeoRetin Pigmentation-Control Programme is the one for you!

This programme brings together all the products in the range so they can work together for the best results. It starts with a real boost to help you take control. At the end of the first phase we review your progress and take you through the next phase.

When you’ve finished the programme we will assess the changes that have happened in your skin and advise you on the next steps in your journey to even more beautiful skin.

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