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Live your best life

Face Medical - Live Your Best Life

For many, a healthy life also means a happy life.

More and more people these days are conscious of their lifestyle and take steps to ensure they keep fit and healthy. Following a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, taking regular exercise and ensuring the body is given sufficient time to sleep and rest can all contribute to a body that is fit and functions well. However this conduct is not just good for the physical state, it also benefits a person’s social and mental well-being too.

Food is a vital energy source for the body. Eating a balanced diet provides the right amount of nutrients to support the workings of the body – both inside and out. It’s important to get the balance right in order for our health not to suffer, and the following food groups should be included: fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, fats / dairy and water.

Our bodies will only require these foods in the right proportions, and overdoing it can be just as ineffective as undergoing it. One of the most common effects of not eating the right proportions is consuming too many calories. Every person requires a different amount of calories each day, depending on their height and level of activity. Putting on weight is often a side effect of regularly consuming more calories than the body needs, which increases a person’s overall size and shape. If a person is overweight or obese for a prolonged period, this can impact their health and fitness; increasing the chance of developing certain medical conditions, including: heart disease, diabetes, cancer or stroke. In some cases this can also affect self-confidence. We all enjoy a little treat now and then, but regularly indulging in foods such as: take-aways, chocolate, cakes / biscuits, crips, deep-fried foods, ultra-processed foods and other types of convenience food can put our calorie / fat / sugar / salt intake in excess. The key is to enjoy these foods ‘in moderation’ – a phrase we are all very familiar with.

Keeping the body active is important for a variety of reasons. Moving around regularly keeps the muscles and joints in good working order, and helps to use up the calories that have been consumed. This means the occasional snack is tolerated well by the body and there is less chance of gaining weight. Frequent exercise helps the body to manage the threat of illness, as well as helping to maintain a positive attitude towards everyday mental problems and stress. Although exercise is about physically working the body, it can help a person to feel tired at the right times. Resting the body is just as important as keeping active as the body needs time to repair and recover. Rest also gives the mind a chance to switch off and not become overworked – which can lead to difficulties with concentration, memory and feeling stressed. A good night’s sleep often means getting between 7 and 9 hours of good quality sleep on most nights. Like rest, sleep helps the body and mind to repair and recover. We also feel happier when we have slept well, and are more prepared for the day ahead.

Face Medical advocates living a healthy lifestyle, and knows that this can also positively impact the overall appearance. Our treatments address concerns with the body, face and skin; whether that is to own a glowing complexion, reduce the signs of ageing or to improve the size and shape of the body. We find that our treatments often produce more successful results when lifestyle is also considered and improved, and becomes part of the treatment programme – which is especially true when undergoing a treatment for weight loss or fat reduction.

Information about our treatments can be found on our website, including our newest addition – the Emerald Laser, which includes the use of the Body Ballancer.

Face Medical encourages everyone to live their best life, so drop us a line and see how we can help you!

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