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Endocare Cellpro Skin Biotechnology

Endocare Cellpro Treatment RochdaleAs you get older your skin’s processes become less effective, which is when it begins to show visible signs of ageing. Stem cells in your skin become less active and produce fewer fibroblasts – the essential skin cells that create elastin and collagen, which keep your skin tight and firm.

The activity of existing fibroblasts slows down, as does the production of your skin’s natural moisturisers and skin plumping agents, while at the surface of your skin, cell renewal also slows down. As a result, your skin becomes less vibrant, it loses its elasticity and firmness, and lines and wrinkles are visible.

Environmental factors also leave your skin vulnerable to damage, such as photo-damage. This can trigger the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are harmful to the healthy cells and protein in the skin. So exposure to the harmful UV rays in daylight, and unhealthy activities such as smoking, only accelerate your skin’s natural decline as well as further impairing skin texture, tone, and causing pigmentation and brown spots.

With Endocare® Snail Biotechnology you can change your skin from the comfort of your home in ways you never thought possible! Endocare CELLPRO™ contains the very latest advancements in Endocare Snail Biotechnology, targeting the signs and causes of skin ageing by working deep within the skin, and also at the skin’s surface.
The result? Firmer, tighter, plumper skin with fewer lines and wrinkles, and a brighter more youthful complexion.

It almost sounds too good to be true – but with lots of clinical data and scientific research behind it, you can be confident of the results! Read on to find out exactly how Endocare CELLPRO works.

What is the science behind CELLPRO?

Extensive clinical research has found that our friend the scientific snail, Cryptomphalus aspersa, has regenerative powers, displaying significant healing effects on damaged skin – but don’t worry, it doesn’t involve snail slime!
Using the latest, most advanced biotechnology processes these regenerative powers have been honed to create the latest skincare advancement; CAF BioAction Technology – snail-derived stem cell activators.

Endocare CELLPRO contains these naturally sourced activators which work to revive and re-energise stem cells deep within your skin, encouraging them to develop into fibroblasts, which in turn create more collagen and elastin – the result? Firmer and tighter skin with fewer lines and wrinkles.

On top of this, Endocare CELLPRO also targets the surface of the skin with a unique combination of Vitamin A ingredients. This increases skin cell renewal to reveal smoother and brighter skin – you can see why this combination is so powerful!
Add to that fabulous ingredients that plump and improve the underlying architecture of the skin, an advanced moisturising system and an anti-ageing complex of Vitamins C and E, and you’ve got a perfectly rounded blend of clinically proven anti-ageing ingredients!

It truly is the very latest advancement in anti-ageing medigrade skincare that you won’t want to miss out on!