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Banish your blemishes with Electrolysis

Banish your blemishes with Electrolysis at Face Medical

Your skin is a feature that is unique to you, from its distinct colouring to the lumps and bumps that make up its individual look and feel. It is not often that a person can say their skin is completely, 100% flawless and just like the rest of your features, little irregularities are what makes you, you.

Lumps, bumps and lesions can come in a variety of different forms, and are not often found to be harmful. They can be raised from the surface, hang off the skin, cause a discoloured patch and may even produce a few tiny hairs. At Face Medical, we understand if you don’t want to possess these little oddities, especially if their appearance is noticeable and is making you feel self-conscious. So, this September we want to introduce you to our newest treatment – Electrolysis. With Electrolysis you can say goodbye to the blemishes and say hello to skin that is more even in texture and tone.

At Face Medical we can recommend Electrolysis if you are concerned about the appearance of Campbell de Morgan spots (also referred to as cherry hemangiomas or blood spots), spider naevi, skin tags, milia or hairs on a mole.

This treatment will work differently on each variety of lesion, with the main aim to be to remove the irregular cells from the surface of the skin. Using the Sterex SX-T device, the techniques that are used can either cauterise the skin cells or lift them from the surface. When removing unwanted hairs, the individual follicles are targeted to destroy the root and prevent future growth.

When you visit us for a consultation, we will put together a personalised treatment plan, just for you. Whether your concern requires one treatment, or a series of sessions to reach your goal, rapid results can give you an appearance that is smooth and blemish-free.

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